Trying Viral Foods: Bubble Tea Soft Serve

I’m on a mission to try different foods that go viral on social media so you don’t have to… or do you?


Anyone who knows me will tell you how obsessed I am with bubble tea. I discovered the Taiwanese beverage around a year ago when two of my favorite people forced me to try something new (and I’m forever thankful to them). Then last week I saw a video of a new hybrid bubble tea creation.

Bar Pa Tea, located in Nolita in New York City, opened up in 2017. The people there have invented a new food hybrid that I definitely had to try for myself, bubble tea soft serve.

I had a couple of hours to kill yesterday between an alumni event and a New York Wine and Food Festival event, so I dragged my friend with me downtown and expected to wait in line.

Thankfully, there wasn’t too long of a line and I excitedly ordered black tea soft serve with bubbles and Oreo cookie crumbs. The friendly women working the cash register asked me if I wanted regular or mini bubbles and where I wanted them in the cup, the bottom or on top. Not really knowing if it would create a difference, I told her to just give me what other people normally order. So I got my tea-flavored soft serve around two minutes later with mini bubbles on the bottom. Here’s a photo of what I got:

The black tea soft serve was amazing. Not going to lie, I typically haven’t enjoyed tea-flavored ice cream when I’ve gotten it in the past but this was another story. I loved the combination of the bubbles and the soft serve, the only thing I would change would be getting them on the top. I had a hard time getting the bubbles up from the bottom, and then the Oreo crumbs would go everywhere. Overall, I LOVED this food hybrid.

I knew I was going to be eating a lot that day, so I didn’t get to try anything else at Bar Pa Tea, so I’ll have to go back. If you’re not in the mood for soft serve they offer a lot of different drinks that sounded amazing like Grapefruit Green Tea with Umeboshi, Brown Sugar Oolong Tea and even an Oreo Milk Shake.

If you like bubble tea and soft serve, you’ll love this.

Viral Food Rating: Worth it 100%

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