OMG Dessert Goals

“Because dessert is always a good idea”

Is there anything better than dessert? Maybe just when the best of New York City’s dessert spots are all in one room.

This weekend I got the chance to go to every foodie’s dream place – an insta-worthy food festival filled with all the best that the city’s got to offer. Dessert Goals, New York City Spring Disco Edition, is back for it’s fourth festival in New York. Back due to popular demand, the festival sold tickets for both this past weekend (17th and 18th) and will be open this upcoming weekend (24th and 25th). Unfortunately, if you’re rushing to see what your plans are for this weekend, you can pause because Dessert Goals is completely sold out.

Now to the actual event: after waiting in line for a bit we were ushered through the floral-covered entrance of Sound River Studios on the water in Long Island City. I immediately knew that I was in for a good time filled with sweets. The place was surrounded in perfectly decorated backgrounds to hold your treats in front of for photos (seriously the perfect touch!).

The top vendor was clearly Supermoon Bakehouse, with a line that wrapped throughout the room you could tell they were the stand to visit. They had an array of cruffins, croissants and donuts that would make anyone drool. I grabbed a Ferrero Rocher croissant for $5.50 and let me tell you that thing was as beautiful as it was delicious. It was filled with a toasted hazelnut praline and dark chocolate ganache, and then dipped in meringue, and then as if that wasn’t enough they torch it and top it with cacao powder and roasted hazelnuts. They also had a pavlova cruffin, a matcha & lemon croissant and a lychee berry jelly donut that looked almost too pretty to eat. Supermoon also uses these halo simmering rainbow bags to house their treats, like so pretty I had to keep the bag.

As I walked around I recognized many of the other vendors – Brooklyn Floss with their unique cotton candy flavors like lavender vanilla and grapefruit + some glitter on top. P.O.P. Cake Shop with their twist on a childhood classic push pop but this time filled with cake and frosting of your choice. New Territories NY was also there, bringing their colorful and crazy milkshakes to life. One of my personal favorite dessert places in NYC was also present, Bar Pa Tea, and serving up their bubble tea twist to soft serve. See below for pics from Bar Pa Tea and Zola Bakes.


Overall, this event was a really fun time. I thought it was a great idea that the organizers of Dessert Goals staggered the entry times into the building because otherwise it would have been people overload. I genuinely love events like this, I just don’t think people attending should have to pay entry, and then have to pay for every other thing that they want (shoutout to Sarah for the free tickets). I’ll definitely be on the look out for the next Dessert Goals event!

Here’s me being cute. 

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